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Our web design process is driven by Discovery. Establishing a healthy dialogue is the 1st step towards creative solutions.

The most important meeting in the process is the Kickoff Meeting. Its goal is to clearly define the scope and expectations for your project. We study precedents, explore features, and test layouts, as well as enhance our understanding of your company’s culture, services, and marketing goals. Ultimately, this analysis sparks the ideas that are refined in the design phase.


The information gathered in our discovery phase is transformed into a visual representation of your project. Sketches and wireframe layouts are perfected; concepts are tested. Throughout the design process, we refine and document our work into a complete presentation, and then we continue to refine, until the perfect final design is established.


During development, equal attention is paid to both the front and back ends, making it intuitive and user-friendly for both you and your visitors. As the site takes shape, we often uncover improvements to the original design, and never hesitate to scrap old ideas for better ones! Development yields a beautiful, well-coded, responsive, interactive site, built in a Content Management System specifically customized for your needs. We WordPress!


Your site works… but what good is it if there is no content to see? We’ll help implement your assets, guide you with SEO best practices, and enable social features, so that you can interact with your audience and grow your business. We also provide training on updating content to keep you in control, your site up-to-date, and your audience engaged. Finally, with our Website Care Plans, we’ll ensure that your site is technically maintained and always up to date.