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ACTWO Architects – MA

“We loved working with Paul. He was always enthusiastic about the project, had great ideas, and helped us give exciting visual shape to the online presentation of our work. He listened to what we had in mind, and helped us achieve a result that we feel is dynamic and distinctive. We never felt that he was trying to fit us into a preconceived notion that he had for our site, but that he was open to a true collaborative process. We are happy to give 67a2 the highest recommendation”

Andrew Cohen, AIA, LEED AP Principal

Clark Nexsen – VA

Paul is a creative designer and web developer who I recommend whole heartedly. I have worked with Paul on three website iterations over the course of eight years. He’s creative, innovative, reliable, and a truly nice person to work with.

Most recently, Paul helped Clark Nexsen redesign our website with an emphasis on deeper content. His ideas helped us convey who we are and what we do with a strong, yet elegant design.

One reason that we chose 67a2 was Paul’s prior experience with other architecture and engineering firms. We started off above “ground zero” in terms of Paul’s knowledge of what an A/E firm is looking to convey in a website. He listened to our ideas in terms of differentiating our firm graphically in our site and came up with strong options for us to choose from as we narrowed our focus on the chosen direction.

We have received many favorable comments about the site since it launched and the structure behind the site has made it easy for me to make changes to it and continuously add new content.

Cat Brutvan, Corporate Communications Manager

Paul Lukez Architecture – MA

“Paul Voulgaris is a multi-talented designer possessing a unique set of skills and abilities. Formally trained as an architect, he is equally comfortable transforming and organizing images, text, video and code, creating beautifully designed web sites customized to meet the particular needs of each of his clients.

Besides being a great designer, he also understands the business of servicing clients. He communicates clearly and delivers what he promises, on time and within budget. In particular, I appreciate his willingness to continue servicing our website since its launch, working with our staff to make adjustments and changes over time.

If you want a website that will engage your potential clients, and target audience, I suggest you hire Paul Voulgaris. I know he understands all the facets that contribute to creating an effective and successful website.”

Paul Lukez, FAIA LEED AP, Principal

Ruhl Studio Architects – MA

“It was such a pleasure working with Paul on the creation of our new website. He not only came in on time and on budget, but exceeded our lofty design aspirations. His architectural and design background was a perfect fit for us, and helped us find and express our design voice online. We can’t recommend him highly enough!”

William T. Ruhl, FAIA, Principal